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Make a one-time or recurring gift to provide compassionate healthcare to children and families in Northeast Florida.
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Ascension St. Vincent's Foundation 1 Shircliff Way, P.O. Box 41564, Jacksonville, FL 32203

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Annual Giving

Join a special group of annual donors that give children and families the confidence of knowing that life-changing support is always near.  With an annual commitment of $1,000 or more, you will enjoy membership benefits of the De Paul Society, including free parking at all our hospitals and exclusive luncheons about healthcare trends.


Sponsor one or more of the Ascension St. Vincent's Foundation’s fundraising events where all proceeds help provide struggling individuals with needed healthcare outreach programs, wellness education, and access to diagnostic and procedural technology. Sponsorship benefits also include tickets to the event(s) as well as branding opportunities.

Workplace Giving & Matching Gifts

Many companies provide a matching gift program that doubles the impact of their employees' philanthropic interests. Talk to your HR department to see if you can participate.


The number one  way  most donors make alegacy gift is through a bequest. You maymake a bequest or gift to the Ascension St. Vincent’s Foundation through your estate by including a provisionin your will or living trust.

You may  bequeath:

  • specific dollar amount
  • specific asset, such as stock or property
  • percentage of your estate
  • residue of your estate after payments to others
  • proceeds from life insurance orretirement plans
  • assets of a bank certificate ofdeposit or of mutual funds. 

Planning Giving Gift Annuity

You can provide a gift of cash or marketable securities to the Ascension St. Vincent’s Foundation. In exchange, charitable gift annuities provide a fixed rate of return to the donor or other beneficiaries during their life. 

Other Gifts

  • Real Estate:A gift of real estate, such as your home,vacation property, ranch, or farm can bedesignated as a future gift, while you canretain the right to live there for during your lifetime.
  • Life Insurance: You may contribute all or a portionof a new or existing life insurance policy,naming the Ascension St. Vincent’s Foundation as ownerand beneficiary. You would continue tomake all premium payments which aretax deductible. 
  • Retirement Plan Assets: Retirement plansmay be gifted to the Ascension St. Vincent’s Foundationin severalways.These include IndividualRetirement Accounts (IRA), 401(K),403(b), and defined contribution plans. 
  • Annual or Major Gifts: IRA Charitable Rollover provision allows for individuals who have reached age 70 1/2 to donate up to $100,000 to charitable organizations directly from their IRA without treating the distribution as taxable income. 
  • Planned Gifts: You can name the Ascension St. Vincent’s Foundation as primary, successor or contingent beneficiary for all or part of the assets upon the death or retirement of the asset owner or spouse.You may also consider a testamentary charitableremainder trust with the assets uponthe death of the asset owner, naming Ascension St. Vincent’s Foundation as remainderbeneficiary.