Our Past, Present & Future

Ascension St. Vincent’s was founded in 1916 when the Daughters of Charity came to Jacksonville at the request of Bishop James Michael Curley of St. Augustine. The four sisters who established our faith-based hospital responded to an intense need for better healthcare for those living in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. For more than a century, our physicians, nurses and healthcare workers have dedicated their lives to providing quality, compassionate healthcare for those most in need. 

Ascension St. Vincent’s Foundation is a not-for-profit philanthropic organization that was established in 1982 to support the needs of our healthcare ministry. Our generous donors help us provide more than $6 million in annual financial assistance which is utilized to fund critical community outreach initiatives, capital improvements and cutting-edge medical technology across our Riverside, Southside and Clay campuses.


Daughters of Charity was formed in France, with members devoting themselves to serving the poor.


The Daughters of Charity came to the new world, and 32 of them served in Jacksonville during the Spanish-American War.


Bishop James Michael Curley of St. Augustine asked the Daughters of Charity for help in Jacksonville.


Four sisters moved to Jacksonville and took over the failing DeSoto Sanatorium renaming the hospital “St. Vincent’s” after Saint Vincent de Paul. They served the sickest people in the community and helped the hospital run smoothly again.


The Daughters of Charity’s mission had grown to numerous health ministries across the United States, including St. Vincent’s. They joined other like-minded sisters to create Ascension, a jointly sponsored Catholic health system that would provide maximized national advocacy, with each health ministry continuing its important locally-driven work.


St. Vincent’s made the important decision to integrate the name Ascension into its name. We made the change to Ascension St. Vincent’s to honor the Daughters of Charity who founded the hospital more than 100 years ago and formed Ascension to serve local needs into the future.

About Our Logo


Fashioned in the shape of the Trinity to symbolize Ascension’s Catholic tradition, with an “A” in the middle for Ascension


Green represents growth
Blue represents health
Purple represents compassion


The integration of the “A” with the Trinity symbol forever links the two symbols together and allows the organization to tell stories of commitment, compassion, and growth of our healthy community.